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How do I sign up with 

Click "SignUp" in the upper right corner to create your Free Account. You'll get an email with instructions, but you should be able to figure things out from there.

Where do you submit my music?

To radio stations and blogs in your genre. We'll listen to your music and choose the genres for your campaign. Check this page for a list of sites

Do I need to upload my mp3's, or can i just submit a link?

Yes, you need to upload your mp3's (192 kbps). Radio stations cannot add your Soundcloud link to their rotation. However, it's a good idea to include your SoundCloud , Bandcamp, or YouTube link in your MPK. Blogs like to use streaming players and links on their site.

What if i don't have my songs in MP3 format?

If you haven't ripped your songs from your CD into MP3 files, mail your CD to our address, and we'll rip your songs and upload for you.

Mail CDs to:
110 16th St., Suite 1300
Denver, CO 80202

When I purchase a submission package, how long does it take for you to begin submitting my music?

After you make your purchase, your account will be "Activated" within 24 hours. We will then listen to your music and check your other material.  If everything appears ready to go, you can expect your submissions to begin within 1-2 days after Activation.

How will I know when my submissions have begun?

You will receive email notifications with "You have just been submitted to 'X' site" in the subject line. You can also login to your Artist Campaign and click "Campaign Reports" to view a running count and list of every site to which you were submitted.


How many songs & pics am I permitted to use for submissions?

You can upload up to 4 songs and 4 pics for your submissions. Pick your best 4 tunes for promotion. This is always a tough choice for every musician; however, your entire album is not necessary for submission purposes. Most radio stations and music mags will sample your music briefly before deciding if it's a good fit for their site

What's the maximum number of sites you can submit my music to?

It depends on your genre. If your music is more popular genre like Rock, Pop, Electronica, Alternative, HipHop, R&B, Country, or Singer/Songwriter, you can order the 200 Best Shot deal (or any submission package you choose - submissions are always genre-specific).

If your music is more non-commercial, like Metal, Jazz, Reggae, Folk, Blues, you're better off with the 100 Best Shot.

If your music is niche, like New Age, Ambient, Experimental, Goth/Industrial, or World, try the 40 Best Shot or 15 monthly subscription for a few months.

Or, you can always call us up and ask, or shoot us an email!

Does MusicSUBMIT guarantee airplay on a radio station or a placement in a blog or webzine?

Actually, no. That depends on the music itself.

Then what can I expect if I use MusicSUBMIT to promote my music?

What we CAN GUARANTEE is your music heard by those people operating the station or running the blog. They will listen to your music - and it if makes the grade - you can expect to receive airplay and/or reviews of your music.

For "Best Shot" deals, you're guaranteed at least 20% (and up to 40-50%) of the Sites will listen to and approve or reject your music.

For "Bulk" deals, you can expect around a 10% review rate

For Speciality submission packages, such as "College Radio" and "TourSUBMIT", review rates are usually between 3% and 8%.

Okay, you've just submitted my music to some sites. What do I do now?

  1. 1. Sit tight. All sites have up to 30 days to review your music. Typically you'll get responses in the first week or two, maybe even the first day of your campaign.
  2. 2. When you get an email from a site that "Approved" your music, click Reply and follow up.
  3. 3. Use the Messenger app in your Campaign Reports to stay in contact with Approving sites.

How long does my promotion campaign last?

We usually process "Best Shot" submission orders in batches of 10-50 submissions per week. All other "Bulk" and "Specialty" submission orders (200, 400, & 600 ) are processed in batches of 75-100 submission per week until completion. (We do this to allow you time to follow up with sites for CDs, MP3s, etc.). For a faster (or slower) submission schedule, please send your request to

You submitted my music to a site that isn't my genre / no longer exists/something else is wrong. Now what?

Don't worry, this won't happen often. Login and go to Campaign Reports. Click on the "Report Problem" icon next to the corresponding Site. You can use the checkboxes to report the specific problem with each Site.

What if I don't have a Bio (or a press release, a video, a website, etc.)? Will you still submit me?

Yes we will. One song is required. All other music material is optional, but it's a good idea to complete your campaign page with as much material as you can.

Can I choose my own Sites to submit to? How does that work?

Yes you can. Go to our Single Submission genres page, here. Visit the Genre headers to find the best Sites, and click SUBMIT TO THIS SITE to choose a Site.

(minimum 6 Sites - $1.50 each )


My songs are not playing via the music player. What's wrong?

  • Make sure you're uploading MP3 files and not WMA or CDA files.
  • Songs need to be ripped at 192kbps or better.
  • Don't "drag/drop" from your music library into the Song File field. Use the Browse button to search your computer hard drive for your song files. If you're still having problems, please email them to, and we'll upload for you.

I purchased a submission package.....why is my account still "Inactive"?

Your account should be "Activated" within 24hrs.  If you've waited a day and you're still "Inactive," write to with your Band Name & payment method (credit card, paypal, money order, etc), and we'll check our records for your purchase.
*If you purchased via Paypal, make sure you include your paypal email address in the Band Info section of your account*

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

If you used Paypal for your monthly subscription, you can login to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription via Paypal. If you used a credit card, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll cancel your subscription within 24 hrs.

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